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This passage is lapidary as always. Bravo. I was particularly struck by “…it seems I cannot touch into one without disturbing the other.” Beautifully put.

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Your understanding and expression of grief and love is so profoundly resonant with the truth of my life right now. I am grateful for your ability to perceive deeply and then bring forth into words a sensibility that is scarcely ever touched upon. And which supports me into a greater awareness to hold both grief and love, together, and be at peace with myself, allowing for new expansiveness, even if for moments.

Thank you, David.

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David, you took me under your wing a little over a year ago and walked me through perhaps the hardest transition I have yet to go through. At one point, when I felt my heart and my head and my soul could not and would not ever get off the ground, you invited me to experience this thing called depression (and mine was most certainly from traumatic grief) as if I were experiencing a new drug, just for a day ... to treasure the moments of perceiving the world through this state of sadness and misery because at some point, I might no longer live in that space and it would be good to remember it, good to be able to share with others that I had been there and I had made it through to the other side, that it is possible. And now that I feel pretty close to maybe not THE other side, but AN OTHER side, I can see that my grief, and my mother's untimely death were certainly a noble gift to me to access deeper parts of myself. An opportunity to step into a truer version of myself, and I am grateful for it now. And I am so grateful for your words and your wisdom and your teachings. Uprising couldn't have more beautifully summed up the wisdom I have gained from your coaching and from my own pain. And by the way, the golden light that I so love at the beginning and the end of each day, is a physical and visual expression of change... and if I can so deeply love that manifestation of change, why not embrace all the other kinds of change that happen every day every moment. Thank you David!!!

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This part right here, profound and resonates massively.

"Paradoxically, in surrendering to the uncomfortable rather than trying to control it, I have the experience, the experience does not have me.

The sadness within has not diminished, but my capacity to hold it has increased, creating a space in which to stand and wonder.

I have come to believe that the pain of grief is not that of a heart broken or crushed. It is the pain of a sharp and sudden awakening to a depth of feeling that reveals the true proportion of our heart. Vast, isn’t it?"

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