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Thank you for expanding our perspective even while you're not feeling well. "There is no such thing as dark sky"- Wow, what an extraordinary observation!

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Reminds me of the time I met Sunni Williams in the parking lot of Space X. I was star struck and all I could say (also like a giddy school girl) was "You're a real live astronaut " over and over again. She was gracious and kind. I asked her about a memorable experience and she told me that she brought a book, 'The Bhavagad Gita', to read as a connection to her Indian culture, but once in space, she took the book out, looked around and said to herself "What am I doing? I can read when I am on Earth!" And she put the book away.

Can you imagine?!

"I can read when I am on Earth!!!!!"


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lovely perspective shift.

sending healing your way David! xo

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This has got me thinking… what would our society look like if our education system didn’t put everyone in (class) rooms… but out in the real world... what if school started off in space itself?

(I'm being serious by the way).

Perhaps then the purpose is for every child to return home...

What a glorious journey that would be.

This is what I’m getting from your blogs David, a marvellous exploration to find ones way back to self (and to manage all the experiences along the way). Thank you.

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