Dearst David, wow. What a beautiful post, this resonate deeply with me..the act of reaching out to others during/after PTSD induced avalanche has been an incridible experience bringing solitude and connection and expansion recently.

I started to attend Friday prayers again a few months ago...the act of sitting with others, the rituals of listening to calming voice of the imam reciting the Koranic verses. The verses which connected me to everyone I was praying with. The act of our arms and feet touching during the actual prayer...we are complete strangers yet sharing a common devotion to the higher being.

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Nov 26, 2022Liked by David Field, Chloe Hope

I love Rose tea!

Reading it on another train to London and remembering the sense of eternal silence within the pandemonium of early mornings in Udaipur, Rajasthan...

As well as a dream of the echo of countless monks praying under candle light for all of us. For all mortals...

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Nov 28, 2022Liked by David Field, Chloe Hope

Ah Rose tea, I developed such a deep relationship with it a couple of years ago with a daily prayer asking for connection with my deepest self and mother earth. It worked and led me to the journey im on now :) I find dried rose petals have the most intoxicating smell.. reading your words this week was deeply heart warming David, thank you for sharing and being so open. I especially love the idea of wordless prayers, given that praying for me personally has been a battle at times, for many reasons. I am practicing your "wordless prayer" and it fills me with such warmth.

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Nov 29, 2022Liked by David Field, Chloe Hope

All of these experiences sound so lovely and highlight how truly connected we all are. In this post and in every comment, I felt transported, as if I was actually there having the same experience. And the beautiful feeling I had of holding each of you in my heart and in my wordless prayer as I read your stories.

Thank you all for sharing

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Dec 3, 2022Liked by David Field

While in the woods this morning It felt natural to hold the winding creek, leafless trees, and sky in fond regard. And then it also felt natural to extend those same warm forest feelings to people I encountered later on. So it's been a pleasure to experiment with your wordles prayer practice. Thanks!

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