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Wow! Davidddddd! This is such a beautiful and powerful gift to us all for this new year. I am sorry about the tragic loss you have experienced. “Death or divergence!” Life or life since we have no clue about the after life except the deep sense that there is something which we don’t yet know.

Have a blessed 2023

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Loud and clear, my love x

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A perfect opening into a new year.

Astonishingly relevant.

“How alive do I dare to be?”

I will listen and listen again and try to find my path to the extraordinary acceptance and expansion you are suggesting.

“It will not have my face.”

Thank you, David.

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Wow David, this one… it’s really moved me. I will read it over and over. Blessings and deep love to you and all of us on this journey together. Blessings to you for guiding us. For sharing. Dream seeds… I love that so so much.

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'My existence is fragile'

'How alive do we dare to be'

'Expansion in all directions '

I read this as a challenge, but also as a gift

Lately, I've been letting my experiences linger...

I sense the time that they 'should' end, but being curious about what's on the other side, I have allowed the feelings to extend. This conscious act of defiance usually concludes with a small giggle, as if it's a special victory

Or sacred secret of feeling more deeply

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How alive do we dare to be indeed! xo

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