Nov 19, 2022Liked by David Field, Chloe Hope

Thanks so much David for yet another beautiful and deeply revealing post. Remembering our childhood, without the trauma associated with it, despite the trauma, or rather, because of the trauma is a lifelong effort.

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Nov 19, 2022Liked by David Field, Chloe Hope

This made me think of what it’s like when people get together in the workplace or at a religious function.

I feel that most people (me included) hide their joy when speaking to friends and colleagues and immediately talk about the stress and work that has piled up vs their joy. No one seems to want to share the positive as much as the negative and I think it goes back to their childhood.

This really resonated with me and will hopefully make me think more about those guarded moments as they happen. It will be an interesting test to start talking about my joy vs troubles and see if that makes people (including me) feel uncomfortable.

Maybe we also reach out with how hard we are working or trouble we had to try and share burdens. It will be interesting to see if anyone is receptive to talking about joy or insights we’ve have had, like the one I had while listing to this.

Thank you for sharing David.

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Nov 23, 2022Liked by Chloe Hope

What i particularly enjoy listening to these posts so much is the 'setting the scene', or rather, the invitation to locate and ground my self and other. Your introductions David have facilitated in an increasing ability for me to be able to listen, to hear, to feel and to connect (in that order).

Upon reflection i realise how often i bring to conversations a particular pacing that hides a discomfort of being still, but i now see that discomfort is born from being disconnected.

And so on that note, it would perhaps be highly appropriate to share that as i'm typing this I'm in West London, sitting on a 5th floor mezzanine looking out of a double glazed roof terrace door. I can hear a leaf blower from down on street level, and the occasional passing of a police siren. It's calmer up here above the trees and i feel an enormous gratitude to be able to have the space to dive deeper into these offerings David.

As the sun begins to set here, I see no clouds on the horizon, especially as i know my eleven month old daughter also hears these recordings... and on that note, it's time to be very silly again.

Thank you David, because of your posts i feel more connected, which makes me feel more alive...

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Thanks David, for another recocording.

I can relate to long nights coiled in anxiousness.

Does unearthing “the treasure” often involve entering disorganized states in order to reorganize? Finding ways, places, and people that will allow such work to happen seems rare...

Periods in the past of releasing suppressed energy have reminded me of cleaning or reorganizing a room. First all the crap has to be taken down, and the room often looks like a total mess before things can be discarded and organized anew. An unsuspecting friend might enter and think , “oh! This is a disaster!”. Because we know how these things work, we trust that with time and right actions the room will become tidy and fresh (or allowed to remain messy because that’s fine too). But with the spiritual “rooms”, compassionate patience is harder to come by.

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