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This whole piece is so beautiful David and so soothing to read, thank you for sharing it. I do wish and hope that I can carry the feeling coming through to me when I read this into my daily life… this is a reminder to me.

“At some point we’ll all decline what we’re being sold.“ .. I’ve been lots of thoughts around this lately.

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I don’t have my earbuds today and I’m in a public place so I opted to read this one and glad I did. Thank you Sir

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The heartfelt exchange you had with the old man stayed with me for a while. What a small but mighty gift to offer. It inspired me to do the same. And also comforted me with the thought that at any moment, I may have been witnessed and someone wished me the same.

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I am very late coming to this table. Nevertheless, thank you, David, for this, once again magically seeming to speak directly to me.

Yes, bad decisions wrapped in loneliness.

Yes, sending prayer aloft to strangers, every single time I hear an ambulance, having been close to death in one myself, 7 decades ago.

Your sensitive wordings inviting me and my shadows out into the light.

Yes, both/and, now my mantra into expansion.

It is a treasure to be able to listen to you again, and once again, thank you.

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