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"What are we risking if we practice letting go of this control, "

For me it feels perilous. As if going back to my inner wild would feel so freeing that I would not return. I like to connect with nature, but sometimes I get lost in it. When I'm feeling intense emotions and I am immersed in nature, lying on my back, listening to the songs of birds and looking up at the blue sky with a gentle breeze on my skin, I feel taken to the edge. And I just want to leap!

But what if I can't come back? What if I can't return to society's normative?

This is where it feels frightening to me of letting go of the control.

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Thanks for this wonderful piece of writing... Just some thoughts that came up as I read this..

I really liked this. I didn't expect the ending of course.. but now reflecting on it.. it makes a lot of sense - vantage point of birds (and the reverse for the blackbird), the connection with nature as kids (and why an adult will probably never know this song), the everlasting imprint of this song on our beings

To me, helpless at it may feel to be the blackbird, it represents the waiting for a release many of us do in our lives. The tiny lungs holding on to the tiny breath and on to tiny lives we live.. But when we let go, we join the unimaginable vastness of the Universe where life and death, light and darkness, matter and energy, all unite into a singularity. This is symbolic of course.. but I see the fear of holding back from that release in everyday moments of our lives (shall I quit this job when I don't have the next one lined up? Shall I end this relationship and will I feel lonelier? ...). The truth is that in letting go and that birdsong lies the portal to the other world which we cannot see from here..

Are we ready to exhale that tiny breath?

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