These posts strive to share the wisdom gained from a lifetime of observing the choreography in clumsiness, and to recount the breathless shock that comes from bottoming out, only to discover the gifts in those depths. It’s for those who know the hardship endured by the underdog, and who find solace in hearing the poetry born of it. It’s also for anyone who’s seeking expansion and beauty post-trauma and needs reminding of the subtle mystery that sits in amongst life’s challenges and stress.

I’ll be posting every two weeks and answering as many questions as possible in-between posts, which I encourage you to send in, whether they are relevant to anything I’ve posted or not! (If you post publicly, please consider preserving your anonymity if addressing issues that are sensitive). Please keep questions to 200 words or less, I have one good eye, the other is only half as good and gets tired easily.

Each post includes an audio recording for your listening pleasure.

I’m not an academic and the majority of my writing is done around 3am, so expect the tone to be conversational (and the occasional mistake!).

Thanks for making it this far.

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A place to view trauma from a distance. I'm a somatic therapist offering subtle instruction on vulnerability, embodiment and recovery from injury, loss, failure and success


David Field

Music industry survivor and hardworking somatic therapist

Chloe Hope

End of Life doula, baby bird feeder, creative-project midwife